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Did you know that a severe case of termite infestation can tear your whole house down? Act now and get rid of the termites in your property. As one of the most reputable pest control companies we can provide the best termite inspection Los Angeles can offer. We strive to always achieve full customer satisfaction by using the most effective and the most advanced techniques to exterminate your termite problem.

Our service covers the City of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. People come to us for the best termite inspection Whittier CA can offer, termite control Pasadena CA needs, termite inspection San Fernando Valley area, or the best termite control Santa Barbara can provide.

The Mighty Power of Termites

You may have heard of termites building mounds that resemble entire cities. So if you see winged termites inside your property, be very alarmed. This should act a warning sign for any of the following potential dangers:

Flying termites swarming your property are looking for a suitable spot to start a new colony. It is their offspring that will have the power to damage your property. If they breed successfully in your property, they can easily multiply to thousands of strong termites within just two years. At this point they can already cause significant damage to your home or business establishment. If left undetected, they can easily topple your residential or commercial building.

drawing of a termite

What to Do With the Termites in Your Property

If you decide to look for signs of termite infestation by yourself, you will realize that it’s not easy. Only then will you understand that implementing a DIY termite extermination plan can never be successful.

Termite presence can be detected through indirect signs like small holes in wood or sagging floors. This is very difficult to do for a newbie termite inspector. For all of your needs for termite inspection San Fernando Valley or termite inspection Whittier CA, and other termite inspection needs in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to call us. We will be glad to show you the best termite inspection Los Angeles can be very proud of.

Grab your flashlight and screwdriver and check for integrity of the wooden supports and beams in your basement. Tap on the wood. If it sounds hollow and termite dust pours out, it means that the termite tunnels have already damaged it. If you can easily pierce the wood with your screwdriver, it’s a sign that you need to get rid of the termites ASAP.

Termite feces can look like small granules that are colored slightly darker than wood. You may be able to find these under wooden objects.

If you look in the ground or inside the wooden elements of your property, you may notice a tunnel-like branching network. If you follow this, you may reach the termite nest. Don’t try to exterminate the nest without proper knowledge or you’ll only disturb the termites. They can transfer their colony elsewhere in the property and you’ll be back to square one. Call us for for superior termite extermination packages, including the best termite inspection Los Angeles packages. Leave it to our termite experts to handle this challenging task for you.

The two most common types of termites in the USA are the native subterranean termites and the dry-wood termites. Different locations can have different types of termites. This means that different strategies will be needed for successful termite extermination. For example, our termite control Pasadena CA package may differ from our termite control Santa Barbara package because of their different locations and environmental conditions.

Even those simple steps are a lot and time-consuming. You’re way better off saving time, money, and effort by getting in touch with us. Choose from our wonderful rodent control Pasadena CA packages or from our other rodent control Los Angeles treatment solutions. Our expert team will know exactly what type of rodent control Los Angeles treatment plan will work out best for your specific rodent problem.

Effective Termite Extermination

We didn’t get to the top as one of the best termite control companies in Los Angeles overnight. We worked hard to get there. Starting with providing the best termite inspection Los Angeles can be truly proud of, to perfecting our termite extermination strategies, we have always been at the forefront of developing effective approaches to pest control. We have a proven track record of providing customers with amazing satisfaction guarantee. Call us today so we can deploy our expert technicians to start laying out the best plan of action that can totally wipe out the termite problem in your property.